New IWIN Seasons!

Season dates:
Season 1: 2020 November 1 to 2021 March 31
Season 2: 2021 April 1 to 2021 June 30
Season 3:2021 July 1 to 2021 September 30
Season 4:2021 October 1 to 2021 December 31
(The first season will be a long season.  11/27/20 through 3/31/21)

Play our games and receive both IWIN and IWINS1 (seasonal tokens)

At the end of the season, we will pay 25% of our profit distributed among all IWINS1 holders.  Your share of casino profit will be paid out to your ICONex wallet.  Click on the link below for instructions on how to set up your ICONex wallet.  Season profits will be paid out within 24 hours of the end of each season.

Every week, we will pay 25% of our profit distributed among all IWIN holders.

You will receive .5 IWIN and IWINS1 for every 1 USDT wagered in provider games.
If you play InterBlock games, you will receive double IWIN and IWINS1.

To learn more about IwinCrypto.Casino and Iwin, click on this link:


ICONex wallet installation instructions.